Using architectural drawing to Create base 3d model in marketplace

I was planning to create an architectural fully interactive VR desktop scene and post it on the Epic’s marketplace
Which will include blueprints,shaders,3d-models interior /exterior and landscape.
But i wanted to know if i am using architectural drawings for a famous and iconic house to create the base silhouette and 3d exterior design for this house, will this be against the rules? Considering i will be refining his design and i will create my totally different and original interior design, also all the assets and blueprints will be of my own.

Are you the owners rights of the architectural drawings …?
No - you can’t submit your project
yes - is any legal rights on the iconic house ( Law or right of publicity ) …?
→ yes - you can’t submit your project
→ no - all seems fine

beware !! even you do some retake/modif. based on architectural drawings , its the same matter as Derive at Work and you need agreements from owners rights to avoid copyrights ( law ) issues