Using and modifying separate parts of MetaHumans in UE4

I am character artist working on commercial project in UE4. I have read EULA for MetaHuman Creator, but I’m not certain if I understand it correctly.
I wonder if I can use and modify some separate parts of MetaHumans to create characters in our game.
For example:

  • Can I export 3d model of MetaHuman head from UE4, modify it in external editing software and transfer it to a mesh with a different topology (currently used in our game)?
  • Can I export textures from MetaHuman Characters and than bake them into our head mesh and use it with our own shader inside UE4?
    Off course every asset created using parts of Meta Human Characters will be only used inside Unreal Engine.

Not lawyer a but I believe the intent is as long as it’s rendered in Unreal (and not used for other specific purposes such as AI analysis) you should be good. (i.e. not Unity or other game engine. Not taking into 3D program X and outputting as the final image.)