Using an older mac for remote build

I have a Mac Mini that only has an OpenGL 3.3 capable graphics card.
I know this is below recommended spec of a 4.1 card.
I have a Mac Mini with an Intel HD Graphics 3000 card.
Would it be possible to use this machine for remote iOS builds for UE 4.12 and beyond?

I’ve looked around AnswerHub and there are people using older versions of UE4 with an OpenGL 3.3 card.

“Unreal Engine 4 supports DX10 / OpenGL 3.3 and above”

I don’t expect to run the editor or any UE4 games on this thing but if I could use it for remote iOS building, that would be helpful.


Hey Haruna,

Mac OSX 10.10.5 is the minimum to run the editor. If you have lower specs than what is recommended, but the proper OSX, it should run but it may take a long time to package. Packaging in general takes quite a bit of time, depending on how large your project is.


The Mac Mini fulfills that requirement.

Here’s to hoping it works! Thank you for your answer.