Using an imposter sprite for LOD

Hi all

A couple of months ago after going through everything I could find on the net I managed to get an imposter sprite working as a LOD2. Unfortunatly I have not been able to create a second working mesh using this method. Does anybody have a link of how to do this. The problem I have is that the mesh has 2 materials. When I try use the imposter it is creating a place for 2 materials but I only have one for the imposter. My working mesh only has 1 material slot for LOD2.

This is a working example: See how LOD1 uses 2 materials and LOD2 only 1

This one is not correct. How do I get it to only have 1 Material slot for LOD2?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Okay I figured this out. You need to import a mesh for LOD2 which only uses a single material. I just imported 2 simple plains that make a cross as is used for billboards. I think it might be possible to uses a single plain to do this.

It must be a single plain. With a cross plain I got double trees