Using an existing animation on a modified mesh?

Hello people.

How can i use the exsisting reload animation on my custom rifle.
Im trying to get the OneShotRifle to use Two diffrent ammo types, so i have to use two types of reload animation.

Since the setup is basicly the same. how would i go about using my cutom rifle with the standar animation?

I exported the OneShotRifle_FPV_RIG,
Imported into c4d, replaced the bullet mesh with my own bullet.
Exported it as OneShotRifleTranq_FPV_RIG.

But now, where to go from here ??.
I basicly want to create my own version of FPV_OneShotRifle_WP_Reload_Montage & TPV_OneShotRifle__Reload_Anim_Montage animation for my OneShotRifleTranq


Are you basing your weapon blueprint on the one of the existing rifle? Because in that case you should be absolutely fine with just testing it straight away, since it would still use the same animations in that case.

One thing to note though, when you want to use existing animations you have to use the exact same skeleton the original rifle is using. You can select that skeleton when importing the rigged mesh or just right click on your mesh and click on the option for assigning a skeleton, then select the one of the original OneShotRifle.


Found a nice video about it too… checking my export i noticed that i forgot the skin. duh :stuck_out_tongue: