Using an animated Button repeatedly in the level

Using an animated Button repeatedly in the level

What works so far:

  • I have created a button (a StaticMesh from a BSP)
  • I can focus this button and filter it by its class (check whether it is a button)
  • now I can capture its label and react to it
  • I realized the animation of the button as a Matinee
  • So far I can access the animation – you can see the button being pressed inside - just over the level blueprint, so I have to animate each button individually

What does not work yet:

  • Create only one button with the associated animations, which can then be used in multiple, individually addressable instances in the Level (possibly via Blueprint?)

An example:
I have a safe door with three digits as a code. They should be adjustable via respective buttons above and below each digit, e. g. a click on the button over the middle digit increases this digit, while the button is pressed (animations).

But I do not want to animate and query each button individually, but read the label of the button and trigger the corresponding operation (in-/decrease value and animate the according button).

Is there a smart way?

For any solutions I would be very grateful.

With kind regards from Bremen by Nick Wright