Using ActorBeginOverlap in Multiplayer

Hi All,
Very new to UE4 Multiplayer. Finished the video series on MP blueprints and everything is working nicely. What I’d like to do now is play around with some useable items. In single player, I was able to enable input on a playercontroller triggered from ActorBeginOverlap on the object I want the player to be able to “use”. I’m struggling to figure out how to get this working in multiplayer. I’m missing something. Seems like I’m almost there.

Enabling / Disabling input seems to work correctly but teleporting only works correctly for the server / first player. The other player has the sound effect play but doesn’t get teleported. (TeleportPlayer is a custom event in the player controller blueprint).

Anybody see anything? I’ve tried a few different combinations and have been ending up with the same result.