Using a timeline to move an object then back to its original spot.

Alright either I am doing something wrong or there is something I do not understand about this.
Let’s say you have a timeline move an object +1 on the Z. To put that object back in its original spot wouldn’t you just have to set the final value to 0.
So it goes up to 1 then back down to 0 over 1 second. Well it’s not returning to its original spot. Is there an easy way to do this? I feel like I am complicating it or I am just really dumb.

Im pretty sure you have two options to get the desired result, where you have the curve in the timeline cross the x axis into the negative values, so if you want your object to move forward 100 units, you would have a keyframe at +100 on the Y axis, and then if you want it to move back you place a keyframe at -100 on the Y axis. Or you could just simply reverse the timeline when it finishes and tell it do only do that once, or else youll create an infinite loop.

I figured this out, and it was a very noob mistake on my part. So for anyone that may read this thread this is was the problem.
I was using get actor location + timeline value to set actor location. That is why my actor would never return to its original position.
So what I did was Event Begin Play → get actor location → store that vector as a variable, I called it initial location → then use that value for your timeline. So Initial Location + Timeline Value → Set actor location. Now it works as intended.
I wasn’t clear in my OP how I was doing this. But it has been solved!

This is the setup that works for me.