Using a Slider for Player speed issue

Hello all, I have a slider setup to change the speed of my spectator spawn, Is it possible to set it up so when the level loads the slider and speed starts at 50%… Appearance-wise I can achieve this but when the level starts the character moves at 100% even though it appears to be 50%. as soon as I move the slider it corrects itself to the proper speed.

Hook the script up to a custom event, this way you can call it with specific value directly:

Here, as soon as the widget comes to life.

Hello @Everynone when you created the custom event 0 how did you do it the customer events I create don’t have the new Param in it … did you drag a line off of the event on init or just right-click and do something like a promote?

You can add inputs to Events, Macros & Functions - the latter two can also have outputs.

And this is often quite handy:

More about Custom Events:

@Everynone Thanks again… this is what I am trying to achieve

Well, the solution is right there, why not try it? Add a custom event as suggested and call the existing script when the widget initialises.

Hook up the script to the event: Using a Slider for Player speed issue - #2 by Everynone where the Print Screen is.

Both the Init and the Slider call the same event.

Got it…what was tripping me up was once i created the custom event with the New Param, I didn’t know\realize the way to get the blue custom event was just to call it again … this now runs awesome…thank you

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