Using a RC model in CAD?

Though a small mesh model will successfully export (save as) .dxf or .fbx
it won’t save as .dae (Collada) - gives Operation failed. Why is that? Console gives no info.

I can use Autodesk FBX Converter to convert the .fbx to .dae - but why not direct from RC?

Hoping to import the mesh into Autocad-clone Bricscad.
The .dxf is a vast file which brings Brics to a halt.
The .dae is tiny and spins easily - but am disappointed to find it’s completely dumb in Brics - can’t snap to anything, can’t EXPLODE it.

Any suggestions, to use a RC model in CAD?

Hi Tom Foster

DEA export look to be buggy…

What sort of CAD sw are you using ? if ACAD then it would be probably better to have it as Pointcloud (PCD) only and use Recap to convert to RCP from XYZ file format exported from RC ( native ACAD PCD fileformat )

If not try OBJ or PLY as they are most supported formats.

Hi Tom,

in my experience already a few 10k poly model brings most low level CAD to a grinding halt.
Did you try Wishgranters suggestion with pointclouds?