Using a newer version.

Hi everyone. I just got the new version of UE4 at home. The thing is my school has an older version and isn’t updating. I can’t open my project with the older version. Is there some way I can save my project in a format that will open in the older version? Or is there some way I can make my version portable and open it on a school computer?

As far as I know it’s not possible to open a newer version in an older one, but probably it works when you just move some of the uasset files into the content folder of the project that uses the old version (havent tested it ^^) :slight_smile:

It might… but in general don’t expect stuff to be backwards compatible. Meaning once you are one version above it’s quite likely it won’t work with the older version.

If you want to work at your school and at home the only real way you have it using the older version at home. Migrating assets and blueprints could work… if you’re unlucky you will have to copy smaller parts or in the worst case write all the code new and re import all the assets.

Good luck :slight_smile: