Using a navigation filter on a player controller

I’m building a top-down zelda like demo for mobile with one touch in mind, (touch and move controls, like diablo etc), and I’m running into a problem with nav-links. I want the player to be able to walk of ledges but I don’t want all of my ai enemies to be able to follow, they should instead try and pathfind around the ledge.

I figured the solution to this was navigation filers, setting the nav-links to a custom nav area like “NavArea_
hero”, and this should work for the ai the way I want it to from what I can gather - but the player controller does not want to path trough the nav-link if I give it anything other than “NavArea_default”, and I cant for the love of me find anywhere I can add a nav filter in the player controller. Creating somewhat of a headache.

The problem comes from not being able to set navigation filters on any movement node I can find in the player controllers, (I’m using “simple move to location” for the most part).