Using a Media Player to play back videos and still images

Hi, I’m creating a television that will play multiple video sources, and I want to be able to show a still image first that could give some instructions to the player. I’ve created the Media Player and a Playlist. I’m using a File Media Source for the 2 videos, but I can’t figure out how to add a still image into the playlist. The image is a PNG, and I tried converting it to a JPG, but I get an error “Cannot play file… none of the enabled media player plugins support it”. Is there a way to put a still image into a playlist of videos? I also tried using the Img Media Source, but I guess that’s only for media sequences. Thanks for the help.

Bump. Still having trouble figuring this out. Thanks

I think you need to change the target source, as media player only takes videos, you can try switching the material with the static texture parameter