Using a mac mini as remote

Apple being Apple, it appears I will need to use a mac in order to compile projects for iOS. So I was wondering if an entry level mac Mini would be sufficient as a remote build server?

Yes, it’s great for remote building.

Okay, thanks. Also, I didn’t find much infos on how does remote compiling works, does it send the project over to the mac who does all the job, or is it only used for a few parts, like plugins compilation ?

Only parts which requires Xcode to compile.

Oh, sounds like the remote building is pretty smart, if it only shoots over the stuff that require XCode and builds the rest locally.

Could you build out to an OSX machine over a network without that machine being able to actually run the UE Editor app itself? That would be huge.

I ask this because of the change in OpenGL support a couple versions back, and the older Macs I have (anything pre-2012) cannot run the editor because they don’t support Metal (though they can compile/deploy projects in the latest XCode 9 just fine).


You don’t need to install and run UE4 on Mac if you established remote connection. It only copies needed files to Mac, compile and return results to the PC :slight_smile: It only needs Xcode on the Mac.

Hello DNA :smiley:

Could you point any directions or tutorial for this?
I have a old 2010 Mac mini and the engine doesn’t even start on it.

love your plugins btw :slight_smile:



Hello Bruno,

Thank you! :cool:

This is the best guide: Windows -> iOS Rsync/Remote Build Guide (4.8) - Mobile - Epic Developer Community Forums :smiley:


I’m thinking about building a hackintosh machine with an HP Compaq computer with similar specs to the latest Mac Mini, do you think this method would work too?

It would work but it’s not legal so you could do it on your own responsibility.

Oh man that sucks… Well, it is what it is. Thanks.

Thank man! That’s really awesome thing to know.