Using a Gamepad in the Editor?

Hi everyone,

Has anyone ever used a gamepad to build levels in the editor? With a PS4 controller you can use the touchpad as a normal trackpad and the thumbsticks to navigate but I’m wondering if it’s possible to move actors around with the thumbsticks and place them by pressing X and so on. (Basically, is it possible to assign gamepad inputs to actions within the editor itself too.)

I find it much more enjoyable to use a gamepad over a mouse an keyboard, so I’m curious to see how for you can go with this.

Or if anyone else also uses a gamepad to build their levels…

Covering the entire range of actions required to build a level would be nigh impossible with a gamepad (browsing the content browser, selecting assets, dropping them in the level etc.) but if you’re adamant about it you can always use an emulator to map joystick buttons to keyboard inputs (I believe DS4Windows can do it for PS4 controllers)

Interesting, I had no idea DS4Windows could do that. And yes it would be near impossible to have complete control due to the obvious lack of buttons but I think I could work something out to at least make my workflow a little easier. Thanks for the input!

If there’s nothing else you need it’d be splendid if you could mark the answer as accepted, thanks! :smiley:

Yeah that’s all I need to know, thanks!