Using a gamepad in a Box Trigger


Normally I’m a sound designer using Unity and FMOD but now that I’m discovering 3D sound in Virtual Reality im exploring UnReal Engine.

Ive come across a problem in the Level Blueprint. What I want to achieve is that the player can turn a sound on/off inside the zone of a Box Trigger.
So what I have is a Box Trigger around the object (in this case a drumkit) and when you press the right trigger of the game controller the sound goes on/off.

But now I’m searching for the solution for doing this ONLY in the zone of the box trigger. Because I want to do this with more Sounds at different locations.

I’m totally new with the UnREAL blueprints so please cut me some slack if the solution is obvious haha.

This is my blueprint so far


Did you create a Collision box, and set it to a trigger?
If so, you can use the onoverlap in the right panel(forgot the name).