Using a coin counter across multiple maps?

My current project consists of multiple story mode maps and a larger free play map. Each story mode has multiple maps in each “level.” What I am trying to achieve currently is to have my coin counter start at zero when you begin a story level, carry over into the next area (i.e. Level 1A, level 1B, etc.), and once the level is finished, the total coins earned will add to a grand total in free play. Currently, I have a coin counter that is operating properly while in the current map. The problem I am running into is this: say I have collected 1000 coins in level 1A, and go into level 1B (which is a new map). The coin counter resets to zero upon loading level 1B. How do I get the count from 1A to transfer over to 1B? This is my current set up for collecting:


The GameInstance class is persistent through levels, and can do what you are wanting.

That totally worked, Thanks!

So how does blue print look like for count counter. Here is my and it’s inside third person character blueprint. How would I connect it correctly to my coin system. I’m complete noob when it comes to blue prints. game instance problem.jpg

Oh, this is where you were :slight_smile: Twitch check out my last stream. I will also have the YT video up, in case you can’t get to that stream for whatever reason. But it’s going to take a bit… 1440p/60FPS… I made the most OP first recording session.