Using a canvas panel as viewport


I have a widget that I'm using as my viewport.  I add it to the viewport and then EVERYTHING else that I want to show in the viewport I just add to that canvas as a child.

The reason is so I can control Z-Order of widgets for different windows that I have popping up.

My issue is, if I want a widget to be anchored anywhere else than the top left corner it will not show up correctly because it’s using it’s content size to fill the canvas as needed.

I want it to fill it as if it were the viewport.

I tried getting access to the canvas slot of the widget going into my custom viewport and setting it’s anchor points to all 4 corners, and setting it’s offsets to 0. That should make it fill the entire canvas, but it doesn’t.

I tested out checking ‘Size to Content’ in the widget editor, but that did nothing. That doesn’t even matter because you can’t actually set ‘Size to Content’ in blueprints.

Is there a way to make the canvas or another panel act as the viewport? I just want to make my widgets show exactly what they show in the editor, as if I’m adding it to the viewport.

EDIT: Sorry I feel like I made it sound more complicated than it really is