Using a (big: 10'000m2) Revit model

Hello everybody,

I am successfully imported a Revit 2021 model via Datasmith in UE4.26.2. It was really easy: good job, Datasmith Team!

My issue is due in the model seize: it’s 700’000 actors… So I started reading/watching your learning videos and found out that 10’000 was considered an big project… I am guessing that in the 700k objects, you can find each an every railing system/curtain-wall elements… I know there are chairs, desk,… every low poly.

With a nice GPU (RTX 2080 Ti), it is running at 13fps… I haven’t added any vegetation yet and the great news of all this is that I must make a VR experience out of it!

I need your help! How do you manage big models? LOD’s, HLODs, hiding furniture: those are my guesses but I will still be far from 10’000 actors.

Best regards,


I think the solution consists in DataPrep. It’s in quite lengthy but it seems to solve lots of issue.

Has anyone done a Dataprep recipe and doesn’t mind sharing it or know a page where to find recipes?