Using 4.10.2 - Kite Demo freezes/crashes

I just installed Kite Demo; I want to use some textures, materials, etc. in Kite Demo, but it freezes the editor, have to force exit. Why does this happen? Thanks

It’s possible you don’t have enough memory on your video card.

I’ve experienced video card driver crashes on my laptop before with really detailed scenes like the kite demo. My system ran out of video memory. I don’t experience these problems on my desktop.

What video card do you have? Are you able to load the editor? When exactly does it crash? Can you open a blank project?

The Kite demo or the “Open world content” asset is designed for incredibly high end systems.

I myself, having spent over $3k for an i7 and dual sli 980’s, was a little disappointed to find I had trouble running it at all.

To use these assets, you’d need a GTX titan to run them reasonably well. Also, top of the line CPU and 16GB ram is a pre requisite.