Using 3rd party libraries in C++


I’m trying to modify the example “Vehicle C++” project from within Visual Studio and adding some external library to it. I have the Xlib.h Xlib.lib and Xlib.dll-s for 32bit platform.

Can somebody please point me to some step-by-step intstruction, how I can make use of the functions/classes declared inside Xlib.h ? I’ve added the Xlib.h to the Actor’s cpp file and set the “Additional include directories” and “Additional library directories” in the right-click properties, but i can’t find where the libs themselves can be specified.

Is this the right way to add external libs to a C++ unreal project ? Somehow the docs are leading to many different directions…
thanks in advance,

Not exactly what was looking for, but using this I’ve finally managed to reach my goals: