Using 2D sprites in 3D side scroller

The first part of this game I’m doing starts out in 2D, but since the rest is 3D I’m using the 3D side-scroller map. Is it possible to use a 2D character sprite in the 3D engine?

Similarly, would it be possible to have a game start with the 2d side-scroller map then somehow open a 3D when needed?

Thanks for any help

not sure about the second part but the first, im also trying something similar, im using the paper flipbook to create the 2d character in a 3d world, not sure if it helps but making a paper 2d you use the flipbook so i would assume you can get it to work in anything eles— sorry if its not to helpfull

It is possible to create a 2D sprite inside of the 3D side-scroller map - I’ve done it for two game jams, but I wasn’t the person integrating the 2D assets, so I do not know much about flipbooks, only that they work inside a 3D space if you want. The best way to do it is to create your project within the 3D map. If you want your game to begin only in 2D, then only use 2D sprites in the first part instead of importing 3D models. Flipbooks can act like other regular objects within the game world, whether this world is 2D or 3D. Hope that makes sense!