Using 2 different characters for same rig animation.

So I am very new to UE4, started less than a month ago and want to see if it’s the right thing for my game. I am also new to animation and will primarily rely on Blender for its rigging and character creation. My question is can you create a rig and set up different characters to that rig through blueprints. A prime example of what I’m asking is like the popular UE4 game Fortnite where the characters will follow a single animation phase like dancing, etc. How would you do this in UE4?

Yes, you need to share the rig between characters. You do that by importing 1 skeleton which you call your “base skeleton”, then subsequent characters when you import them, they must use the same skeletal hierarchy and same skeleton rotations (positions can be different), and when you import, you need to choose the base skeleton when the option asks you. Then Unreal will make a connection between your new skeleton and your previous base skeleton.