Using 2 assets with scenecapturecomponent2d

I’m Trying to using 2 asset from marketplace.

  1. Surface Trail

2.Reactive Water

This 2 assets using SceneCaptureComponent2D both.
When use this 2 assets at same time same place, water asset bothers surface trail asset.
I want to know how to separate them. kind of collision channels?

This is what happens.

My boss want me to do make example of mud field using this two assets.
When player or something makes trail, water filled in trails.
And the water reacts with player or something. ripples on the water.

Boss’s Idea is make mud first and place in world. And place water layer between mud’s MAX height and MIN height.
Then when something makes trail, the water appears in the trails. And something touches the water, there is ripple on the water.

But this way dosen’t worked. Water layer blocks Surface trail’s Scene capture 2D components.
Water reaction ripple works but muds dosen’t makes trail.