UserWidgets and ActionInput (keybinding)

Hi there,

I use keybinding for opening different user widgets (e.g. inventory, map). I plan to allow the player to change the bindings so he can use whatever key he likes. For opening the widget that is just fine because one can use the ActionInput event for this. I would like to close the widget with exactly the same key but you can not listen to the ActionInput event from a user widget so I have to hardcode the key for closing. That means if I choose ‘i’ for the inventory and the player changes this to ‘tab’, the inventory opens up on ‘tab’ and closes on ‘i’.

Is there any way to reference the keybindings from within an user widget?

Still no answers on how I could achieve this. This is very sad. Btw, I am on UE 4.22 now.

Hey, this is how I solved it (you can also move the logic to a reusable function):

Thanks! I will try it as soon as I have some time to work on the project.

I checked it out and is working very well! Thanks!