User Widget UI UMG Responsive to 18.5:9 Mobile Screens and 16:9 Aspect Ratio

I have published my first game on Google Play and when a friend tested it on his smartphone that has an 18.5:9 screen showed me that the UI was narrowed and looking bad.

I realized that I designed the UI based on my 16:9 device, and now I need help making my UI responsive depending on the screen aspect ratio because I can´t find any info on this topic on google.

It would be nice to share here some tips and fixes for the upcoming dev`s.

Link to the actual game to test it by yourself:…TC.StackFrases

Feedback is appreciated.


You can put canvas panel into Size Box and keep its width and height similar to size of your canvas and keep its Horizontal and Vertical Alignment to Fill
After this wrap that size box with Scale Box and keep it to Scale to Fit.
This will solve the problem.