User Widget not showing up on iOS but is on PC

I have a user widget that populates my game’s HUD. In that HUD I have three Named Slots that, if the player has an ability, gets populated with an ability button. This has been all working swimmingly for over a year now, however recently I discovered that the buttons weren’t showing up on iOS. I hadn’t been testing iOS and hadn’t ever had discrepancies with UMG between PC and iOS before so I’m not sure when it started.

Sometime ago I played with the Visibility settings and so thats where I first started looking. However, it all looked in order and was working well on PC. Since then I’ve tested the different functions that lead up to the population of said buttons and the only thing I can tell thus far is that my User Widget will not spawn and therefore the Named Slot never receives its content. However, when spawning said buttons I’ve tested their validity and the boolean reads true. So it is spawning them, at least it says it is. In order to double check, I placed a print string in the Event Construct of the buttons to make sure, but thats not ever fired.

So, I have one blueprint (the HUD) spawning the button and printing that it is a successful spawn but at the same time the spawned button doesn’t execute its Event Construct. I’m scratching my head here and can’t for the life of me figure out the issue.

If anyone has and ideas or suggestions I’ve all ears.

alt text