User wheel entries - light color or select meshs - Graph

Okay, been trying this for a couple weeks now, and got no where.

Anyone willing to share a full graph on how to choose a light color via the wheel?
Or how to switch the mess on a structure (wall)?

Anyone willing to share these? I’ve been trying to get this for a while now, and have worked with several people (Jslay, Poker, Woeful) try to explain this, but I just don’t understand the graphs well enough to do this myself.

Credit will of course be given.

Have you reviewed the tutorial for BPMultiUse? That’s basically on this is. Then if you can find it, someone else had a thread on changing material, it was seriously something like “set material”

Yes, but was only the comment to use the set material.

Reviewed a video tutorial on BPMultiUseEntry and BPTryMultiUse tutorial, but they don’t cover this.
There is a UE tutorial saying how to have it scroll through colors, but I don’t want it to revolve through several colors.
Unless you are talking about one I didn’t find.

It sounds like that tutorial is what you’re looking for.

Add “Change Color” to MultiUse Entires
Switch on int (number for change color) -> logic for changing color

That tutorial would be 2/3 of your solution, then you’d have to figure out how to actually change it. But you’d at least know where to put it

I’ll watch it again. I’ve been beating my head against a wall on this for a while.

The graphing, I know, is basically programming. As I’ve told people in the Discord chat… the last time I’ve touched programming was pre-Win95.

Switching the mesh would be incredibly nifty, I didn’t even know that was possible. If you wouldn’t mind posting back here if you actually figure out, that would be awesome. A lot of the graphing tutorials I see are made for those who already have a bit of understanding with it and they usually leave a lot out so it can be pretty frustrating. Noob friendly tutorials are needed.

Towards the end of this video I show you how to change a material color by pressing a key. The same basic code applies for you, you’d simply be changing the input source to use it with multiuse wheel.
As for mesh’s, it’s essentially the same but you’d be using the “Set Visibility” or “Toggle Visibility” nodes instead of material nodes.
So, watch the MultiUse video and get a multiuse function setup. Once you have that working, apply the material change from this video to your new multiuse function.


Thanks for the Link Pok3r, just found another video that I hadn’t seen yet by Jslay… it looks to be some of the prep information that was done before the other video. I’ve already seen a couple of things I didn’t understand before.


Well I got the lights done.
It was far more complex than when I thought it would be when I started.
I’m starting to work on doing the SM changes, I just need to figure out the actual change part of the graph.

There are three videos that cover most of the stuff for the lights. The one P0k3r linked and two more on that same youtube channel. Getting started and the multiuse. I ended up watching them multiple times until I understood all of it.
I’ve got 4 tabs for graphs just for the light changes.

Now I can make the multiuse, send it to another graph, and that graph will call the one to switch the visible mesh. The last one is what i need to see an example of… some of the logic in the dev kit is completely opposite of normal.

Here’s one way to do it

First, add the mesh’s you want to use into the components and uncheck “visible” on all of them except the one you want as the default

Switch on int through your mesh types from the multiuse wheel

Change the visibility on the mesh’s from the rep notify

Gif is too large to attach

Been awhile since I had some time to check in here. Thanks for getting back Kotawolf and thanks P0K3r for the example. Those youtube vids are very helpful and a lot easier to understand in that format. This will all be very useful for a future project that I am tinkering with.