User poll: How much time you spend working with Unreal?

Hi all,

I was thinking that it could be interesting for all of us to compare the work-rate depending on our experience with UE to see how fast we actually get things done with Unreal.
I hope that UE users with experience in architectural visualizations can give input to see how much time we actually spend on creating and adjusting building models in UE.

So… in order to compare our work-rate it is best to set some criteria,
lets take a 2-bedroom apartment as in the image below as an example and say that our expected outcome is model that can be used for real-time interaction but does not have to be completely photo realistic.

In one of the recent posts student called Gilberto Martini had posted his work
Let’s take this level of detail as a benchmark and look at this 2-room apartment from the first image.
Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 21.54.28.png

So the question is… how many hours/days would it require from you to create a walkthrough model in Unreal for such an apartment?

Of course we all understand that the more time you spend on improving the textures and lighting the more realistic the final model will get.
Maybe we can also elaborate on what is the most time-consuming part (lighting, material textures etc.)
It would also be interesting to know how much extra time would it take to make it photo-realistic?
Would be great if you could mention your previous experience level (what software and how many years)

Looking forward to hear from users of all experience level,

I hope this information turns out to be really useful to many of us :wink: