"User Play Space Rot" in Client Play Camera Shake does nothing in 4.8?

Submitting this as a bug report because it works in 4.7 and I saw no mention of it in notes

Easy to reproduce, just set up a camera shake like you normally would in Blueprint using Client Play Camera Shake, target set to get player controller, scale 1, Play Space set as User Defined, and then enter whatever you want into User Play Space Rot.

It works as expected in 4.7, but doesn’t appear to do anything in 4.8.

Hi Arkiras,

Thanks for report! I see same issue in 4.8 and our internal build, though it appears to work in 4.7.6. I’ve created a bug report for issue (UE-16905), and I’ll let you know what happens with it. Thanks again!

FYI, I’ve submitted a fix in CL 2590151. Apologies for trouble!