User Interface Timeline to Control Visibility

For basic interaction, this might be enough:

I am working on a architecture visualization that shows various phases of a design. I have 10 phases that I would like to control a widget or image visibility with a slider. I need the slider to have 10 ticks in it. Each value dictates what is turned on and what is turned off. Can someone point me in a direction to achieve this?

If you want to transition between the states using a timeline, it’d be sensible to throw in a DoOnce node before the Switch and have it Reset by the Timeline’s Finished event. Otherwise, the slider’s OnValueChanged may be a tad too spamy on its own.

And, depending on the scope, I’d probably keep the phases of a design states in an array of structs or even a Map, so you do not need to fiddle with a switch. You’d just fetch the previous + next, and transition between the 2.