User Interface Creation Overhaul

As it seems now, the UE4 engine has an extreme lack of user interface creation tools. Unity 5 is pushing hard to make it much easier to create user interfaces. Right now there are very spotty at best examples of user interfaces and documentation on UI for Unreal.

Unity 4 right now has very simplistic tools as you can see here -

Can anyone chime in on what the current status is for better UI tools?

It should not take someone 6 months of learning to piece together the basic UI of game. Right now people that start using UE4 from scratch have no idea what they need to do to go from - launching their game to a menu, changing graphic options, choosing a level / new game, creating an exit button back to the main menu, etc.

UE4 out of the box makes it dead easy to start drag and dropping objects into a level to create your game. Why can’t it be that easy for the UI as well?

As I’ve understood it, an entire UE4 level is required to make the main menu. This level is loaded first allowing access to the other levels. Is that right?

Does anyone else have some feedback to give about UI creation process in UE4?

Well, you can’t have all features at release =]
UMG(Unreal Motion Graphics, visual UI editor and stuff) currently in developement and one of the top priorities.
Check out this thread for more details about UMG itself
And here discussion about currently implemented experimental features UMG

You can either license Coherent-UI or Scaleform. There are other plugin developed by the community.