User Interface button fires the OnReleased event automatically without me releasing the button

Hi guys,
so right now I have a very simple user interface in my game with only one button. I use the OnPressed and OnReleased events but my button automatically releases itself after around 0.8 seconds. Same behavior on desktop and mobile, how can i disable this?
Thanks in advance.

Yes would interest me as welllll :smiley: i just posted below a post from 2017 with the same problem. It’s very strange… happens with mobile and scalable settings… my keyboard inputs working fine it’s really the onreleased event that just triggers automatically after like you say 0.8s…

oh and happened as well with colliders, i had to move them programmatically a little so they registered while standing still^^ but moving the button does nothing sadly… but if you move over the button with the finger or mouse cursor and then stay still the button doesn’t trigger the release event, just when I don’t move finger or mouse cursor while clicking down.

Open the widget with the button, select the button in the designer and on the left side under Interaction disable Is Focusable!! :wink:…g-bug-417.html

So glad I saw this, I was starting to get pretty frustrated - thanks a lot!