User Intefrace->Widget Blueprint pick base class.

Why there is only UUserWidget base class for Widget Blueprint? i dont understand. I need ability to specify my own UMyUserWidget class for Widget Blueprint.

So we dont have “strict typing” for widgets in editor, instead i have to add UMyUserWidget as slot for UUserWidget.

I should be able to pick not only C++ classes (inherited from UUserWidget) as base, but also another Widget Blueprints.

This is already possible, here are two ways:

1- You can create Blueprints from a custom UUserWidget class directly in the content browser (select Blueprint isntead of Widget Blueprint). They will open in the UMG designer like a standard widget.
2- You can also reparent Widget Blueprints to different UUserWidget types as well, the same way as BP.

that worked. thx.