User Input of Questions and Answers Interface

Hello all,

I’m new to trying this sort of thing and was looking for either a good starting point or guide on creating a part of the interface where the player can Input Questions and Answers and then mark one as a correct answer. The idea is that someone can create a few questions (multiple choice) and mark the right one. Then someone else can then go and try and answer them correctly and see a score at the end. The overall picture I’m trying to create is a type of education piece to a game environment based experience. I’ll of course be tying in some cutscene and avatar movement, but overall I need to get a good grasp on how to start building the user input part, having it stored somewhere, and then allowing another section/person to be able to try and answer them with a score at the end. If there is any guides or sections or key words I can start researching to get me started, I’d appreciate anyone’s input on where and what and any pointers you guys might have.

Thank you so much.

If I am understanding correctly, you want to create branching dialogue that is reusable by other players? Right now there is a free marketplace asset for dialogue that you can grab this month, all the code in there is documented and can give you and idea of what you will need. Also you could take only the parts you need and make your own off it.

As for a tutorial on how to build it from scratch:

Wow! Thank you for your quick response! I’ll look into them and see if I can make them work. Thanks again!