User Game Settings - Audio settings.

Hey, i’m putting some thought into creating the settings menu for the game project that I am working on.
Most of it seems pretty plain sailing with a number of tutorials out there that i’ve found on YouTube.
However, i can’t find anything that specifically shows me how to set up sound.
There’s the odd exception where i have found one or two articles, but they didn’t make much sense to me.

To be specific i’d like to set up a slider which’ll turn up/down the game volume. If there could be specifc sliders for master/music/sound effects, all the better!
From research it becomes apparent that blueprints don’t offer any nodes to set up the user settings and as such, C++ code must be integrated, i understand this but do not understand how this is done.

So if you have any know how on how to set up user settings for sound and if c++ is needed, showing me how to implement the code, that’d be great!

A super simple way of doing sound is to keep a “global” variable for your sound volume in your GameInstance. This would persist thru your gameplay and you could save/load it as needed. Whenever you need to play a sound you could just get that variable and plug it into the volume of your sound node and be done. You can even use a Blueprint Interface for your GameInstance so you dont even need to cast to the GameInstance to get the variable but just Get GameInstace->Get Volume Variable Function/Event.

This is not the best way but it is a good start and might get you thinking about other ways to get to what you want.

As for your slider part those are part of UMG and you can just use a slider to adjust your volume as needed. Conveniently they both go from 0-1 for your volume and your slider values.