User Friendly PBR Game Lamps


I am super excited to share with you the first ever game-ready lamp pack on the Unreal Marketplace!*

This lamp pack contains 11 blueprint systems that have been designed to give game developers and potentially archviz aficionados a hassle-free way of placing lamps in their scenes.
Each blueprint system comes with a number of settings in the construction script, 2 to 4 LODs per mesh, and a carefully tweaked light source to match your expectations!

Please find a short video and some screenshots below. Further information on the Marketplace:

For any questions, comments or feedback please feel free to leave a comment here in the forums
or drop an e-mail to and I will get back to you immediately:)

  • If you search for ‘lamp’ at the time of the creation of this post, this is the only lamp pack that is specifically optimized for games and not just archviz only.