User Experiece

Hi just wanted to give you some feedback on my user experience. I am very certian that you’ve probably heard of most of this before. Its honestly just a heads up please don’t take it as me being bossy I just really like to take notes on these kinds of things because I believe they help artist get into the ZONE faster and stay in the ZONE for longer. I believe the ZONE is a place where we all have experienced and can acknowledge that this is where we somehow do amazing work. Thank you for all your incredibile efforts I wish I had discovered UE years ago.

[FONT=Arial Black]UE4 Feedback Notes by Adam Earle:

[FONT=Arial Black]General:

  • Being able to drag assets out into exactly 0,0,0 world space instead of always have to re-edit these values. Perhaps select the asset hold CTL and drag out into the scene? Massive time saver this one
  • In most of the UI where you can change the parameters of an asset that you are dealing with it would be great if it had some feature like click and drag down across drop down heading so that they can open and close quickly instead of one at a time. Control clicking on the heading of dropdown pannel opens only one heading pannel and closes all others at the same time. Control + Shift Clicking will add to the open menu.

Why is this important? Isolation helps your eye to more quickly find what you want and drill down into more details efficiently instead of your eye trying to glaze over all the menu items and take them all in. You maybe able to steal the code from Blender for this and Zbrush does something very similar. Clean house clear mind; efficancy and accesssability (I hope that this is not to forward).

[FONT=Arial Black]Sequencer:

  • Exporting/ Import camera into sequencer with no crazy rotations from Blender, Maya, Max, C4D, Modo using the .FBX
  • Reverse keyframes in the Sequence Editor
  • Different ways of key framing. Shhhhh but don’t tell anyone but blender actually does this better than Maya and Max you maybe able to steal the code as well
  • Menu in the Sequencer has plenty of space to place a time code that you can double click in or just place your cursor over and start typing the time code you want to go to
  • Sometime when editing the camera you can scrub back into negative values.
  • Take a look at blenders curve editor it deals with curves really well and again i am sure you can steal the code (Its not cheating, shhh people dont need to know).

[FONT=Arial Black]Rendering:

  • More matte passes for rendering out
  • I am sure something like this already exist I just haven’t found it yet. Object layers handy for rendering different passes. At the moment I am doing this manually through the outliner
  • You maybe able render passes you could incorperate for free ;D

[FONT=Arial Black]Post Processing:

  • screen placements of the vignettes, smooth, noise, grunge, light leeks, bloken lens effect. At the moment I am attaching card elements to controls this.
  • Lens flare creation for the different lense that are available. It’s great that you guys have done camera bodies, but anybody that is serious about cinematography knows its all about the lens and how you use it ie broken lense technique. Maybe a create your own lense feature, obviously this sould be done through materials but a simpler way of doing this could be really kool!!!

Thanks guys and please don’t heistate to correct me or offer any advice. Great work on UE4 it very exciting to be apart of it.

Adam Earle