User defined controls

I’m looking for either a solution or a how-to link explaining how to allow users to set their own control keys as they begin playing and save those setting to their player profile for future use. While I have the programming logic for how to accomplish this (experience taught me I’m not a programmer) I’m at a loss on how to implement that logic using blueprints. I would probably really benefit from a either a youtube link or reference link explaining how to accomplish this.

Thank in advance.

Unfortunately you cannot Re-Bind keys to Input mappings in Blueprints.

It can be done in C++ however and the Victory Plugin by Rama has this functionality exposed to BP.

Thank you.

I’ve downloaded the Victory Plugin but am having difficulty understanding where to place it in order to see it in my Engine. I have followed the youtube video. Could you point me to where it needs to go?

These steps should sufficient to install the plugin. If you are having additional issues i suggest you talk to Rama personally or make a post on the official thread.!

Okay, that did the trick thanks. I now see it in the editor and have to work on ensuring I have a full and proper version. I suspect, since I’m running UE 4.10.4 that I may have, having downloaded and applied the latest revision, attempted to install a plugin written for 4.11.x. Should be an easy fix.

Thank you