User created button enter dont work in scrollbox


I don’t know if this is only with me, but what happen is:

I have a user created button, when I put this button inside a scrollbox, only the mouse click work in this button, Enter don’t do nothing, but if I take this button out from the scrollbox, mouse click and enter, both works. :frowning:

I have only the user created button inside the scrollbox, nothing else.
Im using the 4.15.1


Check “Is Focusable” on button and list. Can be conflict.

“Is Focusable” checked on both, in the button widget bp and in the button inside the scrollbox, I can see the keyboard dotted line around the button, but when I click with Enter, nothing happen, no “pressed” animation, nothing…but if I use the mouse click, the button work…

And as I said, if I move this same button, outside the scrollbox, he works with Enter and mouse click …

Hello ,

I was unable to reproduce your issue on our end. I have a couple of questions to help me narrow down the issue you are experiencing

  1. Are you able to reproduce your issue in a new project?
  2. If so, could you provide a detailed list of steps so that I can reproduce your issue on our end?
  3. Could you provide screenshots of you issue?


Hello :slight_smile:


1 - Create A widget bp to be the Menu. (Menu)
2 - Create another widget bp to be the button. (MyButton)
2a - Inside the MyButton widget bp: (image below)

3 - In the Menu widget, add a Scroll Box, inside the Scroll Box add some buttons inside the Scroll Box, in our case, MyButton, can found him in the “User Created” menu in Palette.
3a - Go to the MyButton hovered event and add the “Set Keyboard Focus” node and link MyButton to the target in the “Set Keyboard Focus” node.
4 - Open the “FirstPersonGameMode” and add: EventBeginPlay > Create Menu Widget > Add to Viewport > Set Input Mode UI Only > Show Mouse Cursor > Set Game Pause (image below).

To make sure, get the same MyButton and add some buttons outside the Scroll Box, you will see that this buttons can be clicked by Keyboard or Joystick/Gamepad but the same MyButtons inside the Scroll Box, can’t.

ps: I added the Pressed event in MyButton, and the keyboard dont work in the first time…but if i move to the button outside the Scroll Box and back to the button inside the Scroll Box, the button, work only 1 time. And the button outside the ScrollBox works fine with only the clicked event (using keyboard to click).

I upload the project in Google Drive, give a luck, cause my English are not the best to explain this kind of stuff xD
[Google Drive UE file.][4]

If need anything else, just say, and thanks :slight_smile:

With the steps and settings, you have provided, I am still unable to reproduce your issue. I can use the enter key on the button in the scroll box as soon as the game launches. I also looked at the project you provided, but it was an empty project. I have a couple more questions about your issue

  1. Does the issue occur at a specific time with your project (Only on launch, etc.)
  2. Is your project using a specific template? (First person, Third Person, etc.)

Hi, thats weird :(, I download the file from Google Drive and have a project there, the size of the .zip is 115mb, just press play in the project and you will get the menu … Here I can see the files insideScrollboxTest\Content\FirstPersonBP, there you can see the
Menu.uasset for the menu and the MyButton.uasset for the User Created button.

Im using the First Person Template on my project, and also, in the Google Drive file.

I red a video, there you can see the bp´s and the problem, I starting clicking with the mouse…and then stating using the keyboard, when I jump to the button outside the scrollbox, I got the print…and I back to the ScrollBox, I try use Enter, and works, but only one time…if I move to another button inside the scroll box, the button stop works…

Also I upload the UE project in another file host:
Link to Download the project

If need anything else, just say :slight_smile:

Hey ,

Your issue is because when you use the keyboard to change to buttons in your scroll box, the widget that contains the button gets “focus”. When the widget has this “focus” the button cannot be pressed. To work around this, in your MyButton Blueprint override the On Focus received and put in the blueprint I have in the screenshot. This should resolve your issue!