User and Desktop

Hi Folks!

I’m making a project with VR.

I should have a “patient” and a “doctor”.
My problem is that the “patient” should wear the headset and interact with the environment meanwhile the"doctor" should interact through UI buttons on Desktop in order to give some input to the “patient”.

My question is:

Is possible set 2 different UI’s , one for the doctor (that should have control of some trigger events with UI buttons on desktop) and one for the “patient” showing up just a minimal UI.

And if is possible someone have some hints how i can start?

I saw the collab template but i cannot find it in my templates even with the last version of Unreal.

Have a look at this plugin. It does what you want I think.

How i can access to collab template to check if what i need is there?
Sorry for the question, anyways that plugin is a bomb! Thank you.

In 4.24.2 I find it in this category when creating a new project.

I recommend you have a look at the VR Expansion plugin to base your VR character on for good interaction with the environment, locomotion of various types and proper multiplayer/user support. It’s really cool. Good luck!

Do you think that with this plugin i can insert some input like “press an UI button” to move a component meanwhile the vr pown (player) is moving through the scene?

Yes. Using the two plugins I mentioned will do what you want as far as I understand. It’s not exactly beginner level stuff though.