Use VS '15' with unreal engine

Is it possible to use VS ‘15’ preview 4 with unreal engine ? and if it’s possible, which package should I download ?

Hi Code Core,

Unreal Engine currently only supports Visual Studio 2015. Like Microsoft, we do not recommend using a pre-release version of this software in a development environment, and do not provide any support for problems that may occur. We do hope to have full support for the new version of Visual Studio when Microsoft officially releases it.

You can certainly try it out with the Engine, but keep in mind that you would be exploring uncharted territory without any backup.

thank you for your answer, but I want to know something else : how can I make VS 2015 update 3 work with UE4 ? Because I didn’t find a way to only download the update 2, who work with UE4

Versions 4.12.5 and 4.13.0 of the Engine both support Visual Studio 2015 Update 3. There is also an optional QFE for 4.11.2 that adds support for Update 3 to that version as well.