Use Visual Studio 2010

hi, I want to be able to add code and compile in the Unreal editor using visual studio 2010, my 2013 version expired. does anyone know how?

You can use Visual Studio 2013 for an unlimited time. So long as you are using the free version.

If the version you are using has expired, its probably because you were using the wrong version.

This is the free Desktop Express version. You still need to register for it and what not, but its free forever.

Hope this helps!

Fore none commercial projects.
If you want to sell your game, you will need to get a Pro, Ultimate license

"Commercial use of Visual Studio Express

Visual Studio Express products are available at no charge and may be used for commercial, production usage subject to the license terms provided with each product. For example, you can use Express for Windows to create apps that you can then submit for sale in the Windows Store."