Use upper body only for additive animations used in a blendspace.

Hi all,

I am currently setting up a basic additive leaning system for my third person character, but I am running into issues where the added additive poses are making the legs break during the animation. Is there a way I can make these animations play only on the upper body without using a montage? I’m fairly sure I can’t use montages in this instance as I am using a blendspace to blend between these additive poses.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Are you using “Layered blend per bone”?
You should be able to set the first bone to blend (for instance spine_01) and add in the lean pose as the blend pose with an alpha mixing the blend.

Hey, thanks for the quick reply! I tried doing what you mentioned, but it causes my character to deform super strangely and it also breaks the leaning. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong here though:

  1. Try 1 bone up from the pelvis (first spine bone)
  2. Try setting the lean to non additive
  3. Try mesh space rotation blend in the layered blend per bone.

It’s a bit hard to diagnose because the animations can be setup in different ways.
I plugged in random animations and it all worked ok.