Use Unreal Wihout code

Can i use Unreal Engine wihout code?

What code? Rather than C++, you can use Blueprints which is Visual Scripting, as seen below:

Still requires you to smash your face against the keyboard every now and then, though.

YES for simpler games / prototypes. You can drag & drop nodes (Visual Programming / Blueprints as shown above). However, for more complex games, think Multiplayer / MMO / advanced physics sims, or if you need to mod the engine, then NO… BUT that said, even for Blueprints you need to develop some software development skills for best practice, in order to structure the code right. Otherwise you end up with nightmares like this or this, which makes building a game tricky… But overall, you don’t need to be a 100% hardcore low-level ‘code programmer’ to use UE. HTH :wink:

You can. But not much would happen…

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It is called Visual Scripting.
Scripting is coding.
It is initially probably easier to pick up as a non-programmer, but it still gets hard doing a real game, don’t expect a whole game to magically appear before your eyes. There is always help in the community, and a ton of tutorials around.

Definitely possible without C++, though there is some stuff that can only be done in C++ or can be exposed to blueprints via plugin.

People say “simple games” can be done with blueprints only, but honestly 99% of my game code is handled in blueprint. If I didn’t try to get fancy with Google Sheets and dynamic morphs I’d be able to do everything in BP. Most things you wanna do in C++ have a plugin available for it unless it’s really specific and these plugins generally also have exposed BP functions.

Now if you’re asking if you can make a game without any scripting whatsoever, not really. It’s going to at least require Blueprints. Maybe there’s a game template on the marketplace that’s close enough to your vision and you can just replace the art assets and tweak some config files to get what you want, but that’s not common I’m sure :stuck_out_tongue:

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