Use UE4 from Visual Studio

I would like to create a Windows application in Visual Studio that makes use of the Unreal Engine for loading a 3D model and displaying it to the user. I am using VB.NET for programming. Is this possible to do with UE4?

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Havard Sande

First of all UE4 wont work with VB.NET, 2nd UE4 just for view single mesh is overkill , try learn how to render model or use some simpler library.

Hi, thank you for answering. I actually need a solution to handle large 3D models together with point cloud data, so I need a high end rendering solution.

So can I achieve this with C++ or C#?


I dont know try to search, keep in mind UE4 game engine it has a lot of things useless to you. What kind of model data you want to render, i mean format

I do agree that there is a lot here that I would not need, but what is important is to be able to load and render large models. I would like to load detailed models of oil platforms, mainly, but also other similar models (process plants). I am sure models can be converted to the formats that UE4 support.

Quastion is if you got some ready models now in some format, or you can model that in UE4 map, then i can see use of UE4. Did you even try searching for other solutions or you just initily jump on idea of using UE4, sine i still belive you may find something simpler

I guess I would import using MAX format, I could easily create models like that. Yes, well I have searched the net, and it seems to me that there are the game engines (Unity, UE4, CryEngine), and besides this I don’t find any advanced 3D engines which has a .NET API…