Use two different animation sets without retargeting?

Hey guys,

Could anyone tell please how to use let’s say Animation Starter Pack with standard third person animations together without retargeting? Just any different sets, but with compatible skeletons.

Thank you in advance!


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Edit: Solved

You can’t merge them. You need to use the base animations from one inside the AnimBP of the other. Most people use the template skeleton/animations and add the starter pack animations to it. You’ll need to learn how to use animation blueprints (i.e. adding to the anim graph, playing montages). There are loads of tutorials showing how.

Thank you! The question is not how to use animations, but how to quickly “merge” any two different animation packs, for example, Animation Starter Pack and Standard Third-Person.

Edit: Retargeting is the only good and simple solution.

You mean retargeting. I thought the skeletons were compatible already but if you need to retarget then see if this helps:

Again, though, you’re not “merging” the skeletons. You are converting the animations from one skeleton to the other.

That tutorial might not match up with the way 4.18 looks/works now. You may need to look around for additional info – or ask here.

Thank you, retargeting was my “plan B”. I posted the question here because both animation sets use “the same” skeleton (I mean compatible), and I hoped to find some very quick and super simple solution. But retargeting is also quick and easy. Thank you very much again!