Use Timeline to move actor in relative X-axis

I’m using the timeline to animate an actor forward on the x-axis using the Add Timeline node. Just noticed that it’s been moving them forward in the world x-axis. Any way to have this move their forward personal x-axis?


All you need to do is calculate target location by multiplying actor’s forward vector with desired distance and then adding to current location.
This is corrected version

I do agree with your overall method here but i see one problem. the problem is that every time there is an update from the timeline you are getting the actor location this could lead to problems toward the end of the timeline, essentially if im not mistaken it could lead to an exponential increase of the movement speed of the object being moved. in general it will move much faster than it should. to combat this problem set two stationary points for the lerp. so when the input is pressed set both the start and endpoint as variables.

Edit: Sardorian updated his picture so my comment can now be ignored.

Yes you are ■■■■ right. Setting both endpoints is vital in here =D

Thanks. That worked perfect.