Use timeline in c++

i have a question about using timeline in c++. Before using the timeline, we have to call the function AddInterpFloat. but i dont know the third param PropertyName is for what. even i pass the NAME_None, the timeline can still work.
look forward to your guidance. thanks so much!

Hey G_una_y,

that’s the Property Name of the Float Track of the curve

The Struct FTimelineFloatTrack looks like this:

/** Struct that contains one entry for each vector interpolation performed by the timeline */
struct FTimelineFloatTrack

	/** Float curve to be evaluated */
	class UCurveFloat* FloatCurve;

	/** Function that the output from ValueCurve will be passed to */
	FOnTimelineFloat InterpFunc;

	/** Name of property that we should update from this curve */
	FName FloatPropertyName;

	/** Cached float property pointer */
	UFloatProperty* FloatProperty;

	/** Static version of FOnTimelineFloat, for use with non-UObjects */
	FOnTimelineFloatStatic InterpFuncStatic;

		: FloatCurve(NULL)
		, FloatPropertyName(NAME_None)
		, FloatProperty(NULL)


The name is maybe there because it’s easier to search for a specific Track in the Timeline.


thanks !

No Problem

I’m glad I could help you :slight_smile: