Use the same button for 4 actions or more, like toggling between run speeds or toggling perspective

I would like to make it so i use 1 button for 5 different movement speeds.
i tried to create a toggle, and i tried a sequence. i must be doing something wrong.


right now i have it setup for 2 buttons but i hate the way its working right now.
its choppy and players will get confused because of how the speed modes are being picked, i just need a straight forward way to tap a button and it toggles down the line of acceptable entries and then goes back to the top.

i couldn’t find a loop that would work correctly… this image is what i have after cleaning it up so you can understand it.

Like this:


i really need to learn what all is possible with blueprints, i didnt realize you could change a float into an array through the details panel. thanks for the help.

No worries, just keep plugging away… :slight_smile: